Our Story

Hello there! Thank you for visiting our page and taking the time to get to know us. We are overwhelmed with gratitude to have you here!

They say business isn’t personal, but in our case, it is (in the best way possible!). So here is us getting a little personal. We started its by alma because we wanted to create something for like-minded women like us. Our mission is to empower the modern, conscious modest woman to make informed choices and our first step towards doing this is by empowering you with clothing options that are modest, but also created with sustainable and ethical principles in mind.

A letter from Alma

Growing up, modest fashion clothing options have always been hard for me to find. I was frustrated as a teenager in a German high school when all I found were dresses with slits, or keyholes in the back, or that were ridiculously see through. As I moved into university, I fell off the bandwagon a little, moving away from hijab and modesty - because honestly it was just easier. It's not something I am proud of, but it is what has led me to where I am today. I then embraced the hijab a couple of years later when I moved to Dubai. When I moved to Australia two years ago, I donated practically all my clothes and decided to start my wardrobe from scratch. It was ridiculously hard for me to find clothing options that fit what I was after - I obviously needed them to be modest but also long lasting and I also really wanted to know where my clothes were coming from! I wanted to know who the people were that made my clothes & whether they were paid fairly. Was that too hard to ask!? Apparently, so. That was when the seed was planted in my head that this is something I needed to create, for myself, but also women like me who were after the same things and shared the same values as me.

My sister, Aafia, has always been pushing me to start something of my own. I have been told I am a born saleswoman and an entrepreneur and I have always worked for others because there was nothing I was passionate about. Nothing that ever meant so much to me…until this idea stuck in my head.

Its by alma is the ultimate reflection of what I want to see in the world. Every piece you will see has had a lot of thought behind it and also has a reflection to a side of me. My dream is for every woman to see a reflection of themselves in one of the pieces and for us to connect through these pieces :) Connection, Belonging and creating a sense of community among us modern, conscious & modest women is something that I always have in mind and I am so excited that you have decided to join me on this journey. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


About the itsbyalma brand

It's by alma is a modest clothing brand for the modern, conscious muslim woman. Our brand focuses on an ethical and sustainable approach to modest fashion. How do we do all of this? We’re glad you asked!

Our pieces are created with “slow fashion principles” in mind which means they will stand the test of time and last you more than one season. We only produce limited quantities and ensure there is minimum material wastage.

We outsource our production and have invested exclusively with a trusted family-run factory in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This not only leads to a better product but we also ensure that the people making your it’s by alma piece are paid above minimum wage and have excellent working conditions.

Lastly, we have partnered with a charity organisation called “Amma” in Sri Lanka (meaning “mother” in Sinhalese). Every it’s by alma piece comes in a hand-woven clothing bag made by Amma. Our packaging is not only environment friendly but through our partnership with Amma, also funds towards training and employment for young and working mothers.

We aim to disrupt the modest fashion industry by proving that you can get affordable and high-quality modest pieces whilst ensuring that you are doing your part for the planet. We draw our inspiration from our Islamic faith which is all about making informed choices. We believe this should apply to fashion too – we aim to be transparent about our manufacturing processes and approach to sustainability so our customers can come on this incredible slow fashion journey with us!

  • For women, by women

    My sister, Aafia and I run its by alma together. Each piece is designed
    with the aim to make the modern, modest woman feel special and empowered.

  • Ethically made in Sri Lanka

    We are all about ensuring our pieces are made to the highest ethical and sustainable standards that we can account for. We work with a trusted family-run manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

  • Committed to being conscious

    We try to do our bit for the planet by using Earth-saving, compostable,
    zero-waste or reusable packaging for our products.

  • When you get, give

    “When you learn, teach. When you get, give”. - Maya Angelou

    We're working towards funding and providing employment to mothers and women in Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for more!